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The Les Coleman Bequest of Publications and Printed Matter

During the summer I will be adding the titles from the Les Coleman Bequest to the library catalogue. After his death in 2013, Les’s family very kindly donated approximately 180 artists’ publications to our special collection, some created by Les and many others collected by him from the annual Small Publishers Fair. His friend and colleague at In […]

Sharon Kivland: Reports on Knowledge

Vernon Street Library, Leeds College of Art, Leeds LS2 8PH 13th April to 12th June 2015 In February and March 2014 artist and writer, Sharon Kivland took part in a new series of Library Interventions at Leeds College of Art. In response to our call she extended a further invitation to artists who would act as […]

Sharon Kivland: Reports on Knowledge.

Friday 28th March 2014 saw the culmination of Sharon Kivland’s highly successful Library Intervention at Leeds College of Art. The Blenheim Walk Gallery was the venue for a delightful evening of readings, installation, performance, film and games, each the outcome of her agents’ creative research within our library: their “Reports on knowledge”. I am extremely grateful to […]

Defining Library Interventions

Explorations Inventions Investigations Collaborations Games Presentations Revelation Mediation Exposition Play Redefinitions

Library Interventions. The Agents Respond: Joanna Geldard

Library Interventions : Sharon Kivland Joannaleahgeldard Services for this intervention are informed by a practice of drawing and installation, using textiles and textile installation to explore embroidery, cloth, skins, and the fragmented body. The integrated approach of considering both theory and practical conceptions would support themes on the fragmented body and the uncanny. Applied to […]

Library Interventions. The Agents Respond: Madeleine Walton

Library Interventions : Sharon Kivland Madeleine Walton : Embroidery I will go to Leeds for you. I will go to the Library of the Leeds College of Art for you. I will find all the books on embroidery in the library for you. I will make a selection of the library books on embroidery for […]

Library Interventions. The Agents Respond: Isabella Streffen

Library Interventions : Sharon Kivland Isabella Streffen : Special Agent Special Agent Dear Dr. Kivland Your call for agents in Leeds Library has recently come to my attention. I know my application is after the deadline, but I hope my plea for inclusion will fall on generous ears. My lateness is caused by too many […]

Library Interventions. The Agents Respond: Katya Robin

Library Interventions : Sharon Kivland Katya Robin I propose to act as your Trustee, to work in a self-directed manner for the stated benefit of the project (your Library Intervention). I will commence by investigating the Photo Books and Artists’ Books collections at the two library sites. I plan to review books and other sources […]

Library Interventions. The Agents Respond: Catherine Linton

Library Interventions : Sharon Kivland Catherine Linton : Faith’s whistle I, Faith Hershaft,1 chalk, white wench, slave,2 of age, four tens or so, smile, bare, good set of teeth, put self (head to toe, shred of soul) up for sale. By X sign, black mark, ink bond, I’ll be bound, twelve spring days, on the […]

Library Interventions. A Call for Agents: Sharon Kivland’s Proposal

As part of LIBRARY INTERVENTIONS at LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART, Sharon Kivland issued the following A CALL FOR AGENTS: While I would like nothing better than a month in a library (I had the luxury of a whole day working in the British Library recently), following the kind invitation from Leeds College of Art Library, […]

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