Library Interventions. The Agents Respond: Christopher Gibson

Library Interventions : Sharon Kivland

Christopher Gibson

I will conduct research on the subject of desire, particularly desire in relation to collection and ownership. The research is informed by the art work Reproductions, and will be carried out in order to understand some of the myriad motivations for the building up of collections.

During the course of the research the subject will shift to desire linked to possession and fantasy, connecting to ongoing works such as Mes fils and La passante.

The finished work will be a brief paperback book in two halves: The first is the story of the research process; the second is evidence of the investigation. The former will take place as a narrative, a journey, and the latter as mere collection of reference information. As the narrative evolves it will become clear that the journey did not take place in Leeds College of Art Library at all, but was instead an imaginary journey of desire conducted by the researcher.

As the book will be installed and read in the library, the deception will become more apparent the more the reader engages with the text, and will be made plain at the end of the end of the narrative, which will end with the researcher entering the actual space to begin the research.

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