Library Interventions. The Agents Respond: Rachel Smith

Library Interventions : Sharon Kivland

Rachel Smith : Library Intervention

Dear Sharon

I write as a willing agent, submitting my proposal for your approval as my potential master.

In order to fulfill my role, I resolve to use literary research and close analysis of library books, which I anticipate finding at Leeds College of Art Library. These will be on the subject of postcards and the collections of such objects, which I hope will be to your satisfaction. Following carefully and humbly in the role of servant, I will endeavour to spend every free and available hour devoted to contemplating the process.

As your willing agent I intend to make visible the time spent on the tasks you require as my master. This evidence will be visualised in the form of a log-book, which can be proffered as an interim progress report, if required. The completed document will potentially form a section of the report on knowledge that you require as part of my contract. This report will be submitted in line with your instructions. All assimilated knowledge will be disseminated through the report, purely for your use and benefit.

In addition, a series of postcards will be produced in response to and in the presence of the selected reading material. Through the process of posting, the cards will bear the frank from Leeds back to Sheffield, as a branding mark and suggestion of my attendant labours. These postcards will be presented to you on Friday 28th March at the Blenheim Walk site in Leeds, as a gift, to symbolise the end of our master/servant attachment and my freedom from this bondage.

I hope you will find this proposal to your satisfaction and that this will mark the beginning of our master/servant relationship.

Yours truly

Rachel Smith

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